Thursday 2nd June 2005 - Married for 5475 days

About Us


GaryGary has recently joined the RAF as a tech mechanic...i think?
He is 19 and enjoys eating take aways and loves his sweeties!


LauraI am nearly 19 and am currently looking for a job, so basicly a bum at the moment!
I enjoy any food italian and white wine!

How we met...

Well we had known each other for years and finaly we started talking, we became best friends and could tell each other everything. eventualy we went on to become more and had been going out for years before he had proposed!

The proposal...

I was invited to Garys pass out parade for the RAF and after the parade everyone(friends, family and graduates] all went to a club house/bar to talk before we had to leave and Gary was being realy quiet with me he rushed off to talk to his friends and all of a sudden his corpral asked for everyones attention and Gary got down on one knee and said "ive got something important to ask you".....